Mars One Thousand One

By Glastonbury Planetarium (other events)

Tuesday, February 18 2020 3:00 PM 4:30 PM

Someday soon, the first humans will leave for Mars. They may be someone you know. Like the astronauts of the Space Age, they'll be blasting off to the unknown. 

MARS One Thousand Oneis the story of one possible mission that carries a multi-national crew to the Red Planet. Created by Mirage 3D, with live actors working on specially built sets and in green-screen studios, this 53-minute-long presentation is a captivating exploration of the kind of mission we'll soon see blast off to Mars.

MARS One Thousand Oneis a visually beautiful show that brings the reality of Mars exploration to audiences. It's set just far enough in the future to seem real, but with crafty science-fictional touches that tell us it's still a ways in the future. It tells a story that we all hope to see and hear in our lifetimes: a trip to the Red Planet.

Planetarium LIVE

New Month, New Sky, New Discoveries

Prior to our feature show, we'll travel with the Planetarium on a journey into the vastness of space and the wonder of the night sky. Planetarium LIVE lets you experience the power of the most advanced planetarium in Connecticut. We'll explore the sky above and fly through deep space. Want to fly to the Moon? No problem. Ever wished you could fly through the rings of Saturn and land on Mars? Let's go. Curious about Pluto and its non-planet status? We can discuss. Bring your questions...bring your curiosty. The universe is yours to explore.

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